Speak Lord is intended to be an offering of reflections on Christian Holy Scripture. Specifically a daily reflection on the Scripture that is used in Catholic masses for that day.

There are many ways to pray. Reading holy scripture is only one of them. It is my favorite way of listening to God. Listening is the primary way I think of prayer. So what I write here will be an attempt to share what I am hearing. While I served as a Pastoral Associate, the pastor of the parish where I worked was generous enough to let me give the homily at some of the prayer services we held on days a priest could not lead a mass. People were very complimentary about those homilies. Now that I am retired I thought it would be worthwhile to see if what I hear in prayer has some value for others. So although there are other websites that offer ways of entering prayer, I want to see if my voice has something useful to add in the effort to hear what God is trying to say us today.

The title Speak Lord is taken from the call of Samuel to be prophet to Israel. God has called to Samuel, still a boy in service to Eli, three times, while he was asleep and each time Samuel thinks Eli is calling him. After the third time Eli tells Samuel if he is called again to answer, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.” Today, everyday, each of us needs to recognize God’s call and listen.

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  1. Hi Bill (or should I say “Retired Bill”), It’s great to be able to read these blogs. So glad Carissa told me about them. I always liked the homilies you gave at Communion Services. Peace, Dawn


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